Inclusivity is the process of creating a safe space so that everyone is treated equally
and no voice gets silenced. According to recent surveys, business organisations that
are more gender and ethnically diverse and inclusive of people with mental or physical
disabilities have better chances of outperforming everyone else. Some of the main
reasons why inclusivity matters are:
1.Happier employees: When everyone feels heard and seen, the morale goes up. This
promotes higher satisfaction among employees, which in turn triggers economic growth.
An inclusive work space always draws in a bigger share of the consumer market.
Employee satisfaction also leads to empowerment of the organization.
2.Innovative work culture: In a homogenous work space, the culture is to conform. An
inclusive workforce sets off an atmosphere of ingenuity. Recruiting from a diverse pool
also means you get access to more qualified candidates. Inclusivity fosters creativity.
Every business organization needs to adapt to the changing times to keep up with the
current economic market.
3.Multiple perspectives: Inclusivity encourages a variety of perspectives. The more
different backgrounds and lifestyles your team has, the better variety you get of skills
and experiences. Fresh new perspectives enables an organization to face new
challenges with vigour and preserves novelty. This entire process facilitates an increase
in production and economic capital.
4.Faster problem-solving: Business organizations that are inclusive are better and faster
at problem-solving. A diverse staff brings in miscellaneous ways of solving problems.
Since their lived experiences differ, their views will also differ. A single outlooks restricts
growth and thus, inclusivity is the antidote to stagnation. Making your workforce more
diverse helps with:
a.Modifying solutions based on problems seen before.
b.Understanding new challenges and coming up with creative ways of dealing with
5.Employee engagement: Since everyone gets a platform where they feel heard and
noticed, they will feel more encouraged to contribute to a healthy work environment.
Inclusivity aids in promoting acceptance and not just tolerance. As communication
between people with different backgrounds improve, individuals find a ground of
commonality and fellow feeling. Our differences don’t separate us, the way we look at

them does. Our differences can be a dynamic force that unites us. The more an
employee remains true to their own self, the better chances they have in furthering his
company’s progress.
6.Social development: Inclusivity helps in making your staff members more socially and
politically aware. It increases their understanding of the world. Your employees will get
to learn new skills and cultures, thus becoming well-rounded individuals in the process.
Rather than coming up with the same conclusions and thoughts they will have multiple
approaches and interpretations.
Marginalisation of certain communities based on race, class, caste, gender, etc is not
just inimical to your business but also to societal advancement. Inclusivity leverages
productivity, creativity and collaboration skills. In a world that is currently oversaturated
with violence, why not celebrate love and empathy by acknowledging and accepting our
differences! Also, like DaShanne Stokes said, “Urging an organization to be inclusive is
not an attack. It’s progress.”

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