A business’s success rate is hinged upon how good your dream team is. It’s worth taking time out of your regular business hours to better your hiring process and staff retention strategies because if you don’t your competitors will beat you and steal the people who keep your business going. Here, we will cover everything you need to do and focus on how to attract and keep top talent.

1.Be the dream employer: Creating an employer brand is one of the pivotal steps to being the employer everyone wants to work for. Positive employer branding can help in cutting down hiring costs by retaining the old employees and attracting more interested candidates per job opening. Employer branding comprises of the cultural and management ethics that your company represents. It explains what your employees gain by working for you.

2.Offer a good benefits package: The top three benefits an employee looks for are health benefits, flexible working hours and an option for working from home. The compensation should be as per industry standards. Even though employer branding is important, gross CTC and perks are two of the most important things everyone cares about.

3.Treat your employee as a person: Many a time employers lose the balance between corporate slavery and professionalism. Even though managing your staff is important, it’s crucial that you think of them as real people and not automatons. Humanizing your staff members is pivotal to a successful business.

4.Employee referrals:Candidates who have been referred by previous employees stay for long and are more reliable. They are better acquainted with your work space which means it won’t take you long to train them. Your old employees will know better about the more enthusiastic and trustworthy people among your job applicants.

5.Finetune your hiring process:The interview process reveals a lot about how good a candidate is at handling pressure. So no matter how many preliminary rounds a candidate nails, the interview process is the end deal.

6.Onboarding process:After the hiring process gets over, comes the onboarding. Apart from making the new employees feel comfortable in their new space, some of the few things you need to take care of are:

a.Signed offer letter

b. Tax forms

c.Identification and payment forms

d.Signed employment agreement

e.Signed confidentiality agreement

f.Employee handbook stating policies and procedures

7.Firing shouldn’t be a surprise:Firing should never be a surprise no matter how bad things get. Give your employee an official written warning at least a month before you terminate their employership. Having a workout plan is also important. It identifies the areas that need to improve and the steps that need to be taken to accomplish that.

8.Appreciate your employees:Employees get demotivated easily if their hard work isn’t being acknowledged. Having a plan that offers employees recognition and appreciation is extremely important.

9.Provide the best training: Don’t just focus on hard skills. Training has to be a constant process and don’t just limit it to the first few months. Having a regular check-in mechanism in place is also mandatory.

10.Prioritize a work-life balance: Acknowledging your employees’ life outside work is very essential for them to work to their fullest potential.You have to understand that your employees are well-rounded individuals. Be empathetic towards them as that would create a mutual bond of trust and fellow feeling. Micromanaging is also detrimental to a healthy work environment.

These are some of the rules that one needs to follow for maintaining their dream staff. They will help you gain the trust of your employers and facilitate them to unleash their latent talent. A business can only prosper when it has a team that dares to champion all the big dreams your vision statement elaborates.

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